George Adams is a fictional character from World War Zombie.

Taylor, Tommy (1-) (9)

George as he appears in 'Antwood Hotel'

Important InformationEdit

Name George Aiden Adams
Age 30 (born 6th June 2010)
Gender Male
Creator Danny Productions
Creation Date 03/05/2015
First Appearance 'Antwood Hotel'
Status Alive
Family Unknown
Relationships Georgia Knight (current; sexual relationship)
Duration 'Antwood Hotel'-present
Occupation Mechanic
Hometown Aylesbury
Played By Ayden Callaghan


George's backstory will be posted here.

List of AppearancesEdit

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  • George Adams is the name of the creator's P.E teacher.
  • George is currently having a sexual relationship with a girl who was one of his students before the outbreak.


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Extra InformationEdit

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